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“YOU… MICHEL AOUN”- By Elie Kassis

You were born on February 18, 1935 (84 years old) and you are currently “President of the Republic of Lebanon”.

You were elected as President on October 31, 2016 (3 years ago) breaking a 29-month deadlock.

You are the founder of the Free Patriotic Movement.

You were appointed as Lebanese Army General (Head of the Lebanese Army) in 1984. From September 22, 1988 to October 13, 1990.

You served as Prime Minister after being appointed by the then departing Lebanese President Amine Gemayel as head of the Lebanese government and interim prime minister.

You declared a “War of Liberation” against Syrian army forces on March 14, 1989.

Most of the Lebanese population defended you politically and financially… I was stupidly one of them!!!

On October 13, 1990, the Syrian forces invaded your presidential palace in Baabda, killing hundreds of Lebanese soldiers and civilians.

Our best leaders then were killed because of you like my good friend Dany Chamoun and his family.

You run away with your family to the French Embassy in Beirut and left behind you a carnage.

You later granted asylum in France where you lived in a luxury exile for 15 years from 1990 to 2005.

Many Lebanese were obliged to flee the country because of you. I was one of them.

Many lost all their dreams and hopes that you have promised them.

You returned back to Lebanon on May 7, 2005, eleven days after the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the country and after the assassination of late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on April 14, 2005.

You would never ever returned back to Lebanon if late PM Hariri was not assassinated by your actual political partners.
PM Hariri’s killing was a catalyst for dramatic political change in Lebanon.

The massive protests of the Cedar Revolution helped achieve the withdrawal of Syrian troops and security forces from Lebanon, and a change in governments, paving the way for your return to Lebanon.

You were elected a Member of Parliament where you headed the Free Patriotic Movement and the broader parliamentary coalition called Reform and Change Bloc, which had 27 representatives making it the second biggest bloc in the Lebanese parliament.

You presented your candidacy for presidential. After your election, you were sworn in as President of Lebanon in succession to President Michel Suleiman.

During the 2005 elections, You surprised many observers by entering into electoral alliances with a number of former opponents, including some pro-Syrian politicians like Michel Murr and Suleiman Frangieh, Jr.

In 2006, You and Hassan Nasrallah met in Mar Mikhayel Church and signed a shameful memorandum of understanding with Hezbollah organizing their relation and discussing Hezbollah’s disarmament given some conditions.

The second and third conditions for disarmament were the return of Lebanese prisoners from Israeli jails and the elaboration of a defense strategy to protect Lebanon from the Israeli threat. The agreement also discussed the importance of having normal diplomatic relations with Syria and the request for information about the Lebanese political prisoners in Syria and the return of all political prisoners and diaspora in Israel.

This MOU was a condition from the Syrian regime and the Hezbollah to return back to Lebanon.

After this event, you and your political party became part of the March 8 Alliance.

Nothing of this “MOU” were respected:
– Hezbollah did not disarm.
– None of the Lebanese prisoners were returned from Syria.
– None of the Political prisoners were returned from Israel.

On December 1, You declared to a crowd of protesters that the current government of Lebanon was unconstitutional claiming that the government had “made corruption a daily affair” and called for the resignation on the government. Hundreds of thousands of supporters of your political party, the Amal Movement and Hezbollah, gathered at Downtown Beirut trying to force the government to abdicate.

On July 11, 2008, Your political party entered the Lebanese government. FPM members, Issam Abu Jamra as Deputy-Prime Minister, Gebran Bassil as Minister of Telecommunications, and Mario Aoun as Minister of Social Affairs were elected into government. It is the Movement’s first participation in any Lebanese Government.

In November 2009, and after 6 months of strong political pressure by yourself , You refused any participation in the government that was inferior to the 2008 participation, Prime Minister Saad Hariri eventually gave in. The Free Patriotic Movement nominated three ministers to join the first government headed by Saad Hariri, who would receive the ministry of telecommunications, the ministry of energy and water, and the ministry of tourism.

You and the Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Samir Geagea turned a page in intra-Christian relations when the former March 14 presidential nominee officially endorsed your candidacy for the presidency.

The commitment to the implementation of the Taif