Sudanese CP position on the latest developments

During the past week very serious developments have taken place in Sudan, especially regarding the negotiations between the Alliance for Freedom and Change and the Military Transitional Council (MTC). After a bumpy start, both sides have agreed on the less controversial issues, such as the three levels of governance, that 75% of the legislative body would be composed by the Alliance, and the council of ministers will mainly be civilian. However, the contentious issue of the presidential council was left out. This has been criticised by the Sudanese Communist Party since settling the composition and establishment of the presidential council is the first step to transferring power to the civilian government. Postponing it means giving the MTC more time to consolidate its grip on power.

– The night of 13th May witnessed a brutal armed attack against the masses occupying the square in front of the army HQ and attempts to remove the barricades. This criminal act resulted in the death of six people. It is worth mentioning that thanks to the steadfastness of the masses the criminal attempt was defeated and the sit-in is still continuing in front of the army HQ.

– Despite the fact that the MTC condemned this act, its president made a statement yesterday suspending talks with Alliance and declaring that the security forces will remove the barricades. He did not mention their intention or plan against the sit-in.

– In a separate development, the Sudanese CP held a press conference yesterday,15th May. Its Political Secretary, comrade Alkhateeb, addressed the conference and presented the position of the Sudanese CP on the current developments.

– Alkhateeb stressed that the current uprising is the continuation of the struggles of the Sudanese people since independence for national and social liberation, for democracy, social justice and peace. He pointed out that the main aim of the uprising is to achieve radical solutions to the burning issues facing the Sudanese people.

– On the massacre of 13th May, the Sudanese CP stated that the MTC bears full responsibility for the criminal attacks, since it is the real beneficiary of ending the sit-in. The party demanded the establishment of a joint committee of inquiry with full judiciary powers to bring the culprits to justice. Furthermore, it called for the detention of the top brass of Albashir’s regime.

– The Political Secretary of the Sudanese CP demanded the hand-over of Albashir and all those accused of committing war crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

– He went on to state that the present MTC is actually the Security Committee established by Albashir, but they were forced to act, sacrificing Albashir, in a vain attempt to abort the uprising and save the regime. Furthermore, the MTC is trying to preserve the old policies, continue to be lenient with those who committed crimes against the people, and is trying to reach agreements with the forces that supported Albashir.

– On the talks between the Alliance and the MTC, comrade Alkhateeb appreciated the limited progress achieved, but stated that the party leadership is studying and evaluating the results. However, he made it clear that the Sudanese CP is against the idea that a military man be appointed as head of the presidential council, as well as giving the military a majority in the council.

– The Sudanese CP’s position is that if real power is transferred to the civilian government, then a major step forward is achieved. Otherwise, the Uprising will continue, preparing for launching the general political strike and civil disobedience.

Secretariat of the Central Committee

Sudanese CP

16 May 2019