Europe double standards in managing terrorism- Massoud Mohammed

A court in central Sweden has been evacuated following a bomb threat, the latest in a series of attacks on justice centers across the country.
A comment that reflect the nature of conflict was published by a Swedish citizen who said “Well hello Sweden, enjoy your new citizens and get use to it. That will be your new reality”. The strange and complex story of the relationship between secular, republican European countries and its emigrants is becoming complicated, the marriage is not going well. War is raising it’s the conflict of civilizations. 
Under the European laws it’s illegal to distinguish individuals on the ground of their religion and race. Is it the end of history as Fukuyama announced in 1989?
current opinion polls in Sweden suggest a very large surge in support for Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats. A large proportion of these new Sverigedemokraterna supporters are poised to vote for Åkesson & Co based entirely on the fact that the Sweden Democrats are the only political party even talking about the extreme immigration policy that Sweden currently has. Support for the Sweden Democrats continues to grow every day right across the country. There are some new insider reports suggesting that the Sweden Democrats will potentially come away with well over 20% of the national vote in the coming election. The great irony here is that the more they are ignored, ostracized, and branded as ‘racists’ or ‘neo-fascists’ by the other mainstream political parties, the stronger they get.
On the other hand the world has been rocked with news of the rise of a new power in the Middle East. The Islamic state of Levant (ISIS) currently controls up to 16 provinces in Iraq and Syria.
ISIS controls hundreds of square miles where state authority has evaporated. It ignores international borders and has a presence all the way from Syria’s Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad.
How much of a threat does ISIS pose to the Western world and the United States?  They’ve murdered hostages on video, delivering what amounts to a declaration of war, complete with promises of more Western deaths to come.  But are they in a position to make good on that threat?
And of course, the West has certainly behaved in ways that have helped to swell the ranks of movements like Isis, just as they were atrocities committed by American armies during the previous century that provided ammunition for the communist cause. But let us be clear: the “root cause” of these Jihadist is an absolute rejection of a plural and democratic society. It is our existence, rather than the subtleties of how we behave, that is intolerable to Isis, hence current attempts to exterminate “un-Islamic” religious minorities in Iraq and Syria – a genocide-in the making thankfully being thwart
Westerns and European undoubtedly needs to take new steps to prevent terrorism at home. But to what extent should traditional European rights and freedoms be sacrificed in order to crack down on terrorist groups and suspects? If terrorists can cause Europeans to become a closed and fearful society, then and only then terrorists will win their war against society. Even Europeans who are against racism and fascism are hazard  to express their opinion regarding these jihadists.
I sent a talent filmmaker 12 questions about an Audio exhibition plus two questions related to ISIS,
– what do you think of ISIS taking over and becoming a serious threat?
– Why you think a young boy raised in Europe born in it would go joint  ISIS and use his body as a suicide bomb? 
She dropped the full interview because of the above two questions because she did not want to answer any question related to ISIS because of “Fear” she simply replied telling me the following “I have to pass the questions 10-14. They are not related to the exhibition (neither my trip to Palestine) and I am not expert to answer those. I just don’t know enough. I gladly talk about the film-making and exhibition.
In another incident an retired university teacher refused to continue interacting with me because I speak politics in a school owned by the church with students from different cultures, and claimed that this is the school rule.

observers have noted, however, that Europeans and their governments deal with terrorism from different perspectives, it’s terrorism when it’s inside Europe, and it can be liberation in Afghanistan. 

Before countries in the European Union go about implementing tighter restrictions on civil liberties, they ought to eliminate the double standard in their definition of free expression.